1st International Lift, Components, and Vertical Transportation Technology Trade Fair :

1-3 October 2024 Expo XXI Warsaw


Your gateway to the elevator & escalator market in Poland & Central-Eastern Europe


In Poland, the dynamic growth in the number of elevators and the commitment of the lift industry have resulted in the creation of an event to which we warmly invite all professionals associated with the elevator market, including developers, property managers, engineers, and architects.

LiftExpo Poland, a trade fair for the lift industry, is an excellent opportunity to familiarize oneself with the latest trends and innovations in the elevator industry, which are crucial for companies aiming to maintain competitiveness in the market.


Dlaczego LiftExpo Poland


The motto guiding the trade fair is: Accessibility, Safety, Energy Efficiency.


Accessibility entails easy and efficient access to necessary resources, services, and infrastructure. In the context of vertical transportation, such as elevators and lifts, accessibility means ensuring easy and reliable access for all individuals, regardless of their abilities or needs. Innovative technological solutions can help ensure accessibility for all users.


Safety is an absolute priority in all aspects of life. In the case of elevators, ensuring safety involves not only safe journeys for passengers but also the safe operation and maintenance of the equipment. Regular inspections, appropriate staff training, and the use of the latest technologies can significantly contribute to improving safety in vertical transportation.

Energy Efficiency

In the face of climate change, rising energy costs and latest UE regulations, energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important. In the elevator industry, innovations aimed at reducing energy consumption and minimizing environmental impact are crucial. Solutions such as intelligent control, energy consumption optimization, and the use of renewable energy sources can contribute to the sustainable development of vertical transportation.

Accessibility, safety, and energy efficiency are inherent elements of modern society. Through innovation and conscious actions, we can build a more sustainable and friendly environment for everyone.


Why LiftExpo Poland?


During our trade fair, you will have a unique opportunity to explore a wide range of products and solutions presented by manufacturers of passenger and freight elevators, component suppliers, and the latest technologies. LiftExpo Poland aims to showcase current trends and innovations in the lift industry, offering the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the dynamically evolving vertical transportation sector.

Participation in this event enables direct networking with manufacturers, suppliers, and potential clients, which can contribute to the development and expansion of your company. LiftExpo Poland also offers a rich program of conferences and workshops, allowing participants to expand their knowledge and industry skills.


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