The aim of the game is to arouse young people's interest in a career in the crane industry. Through interactive and educational stations, participants will have the opportunity to learn about various aspects of the industry, including technical issues, safety issues and career opportunities.

How it's working?

The game involves participants visiting various educational stands organized by exhibitors. Each stop is a unique opportunity to learn about a specific aspect of the industry, thanks to which young people can earn points, solve puzzles and participate in interactive presentations.

windą po wiedze


We want to interest young people in a professional career in the crane industry! Exhibitor, take part in an educational game during our fair!

Benefits for exhibitors

Participating in an educational game as an educational stop is an excellent opportunity to:

  • Promotion of your company
  • Building brand awareness – creating a positive image of the company among the young generation.
  • Education of future employees – direct contact with potential future employees and their teachers.
  • Social involvement – support for educational and social initiatives, which has a positive impact on the perception of the company.

How to apply?

Interested exhibitors please contact us!
Any additional information and a detailed educational game plan
We will send it after reporting.