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On April 23, 2018, the Accessibility Plus Program 2018-2025 was presented, which has been recognized as one of the five most important government actions. The aim of the program is to increase the accessibility of public spaces, products, and services in terms of architecture, information, and communication.


What is the Accessibility Plus Program?


Pożyczka z Funduszu Dostępności


The Accessibility Plus Program is the first comprehensive accessibility project in Poland. Its goal is to enable people with special needs to easily access resources, services, and fully participate in social and public life. The program focuses on adapting public spaces, architecture, transportation, and products to meet the requirements of all citizens.

The program creators particularly emphasize investments in new technologies. In the field of digitization, the focus is on ensuring universal accessibility to all government administration services.

Approximately 23 billion PLN has been allocated for investments related to the program for the period 2018-2025. Funding comes from European funds, Norwegian and EEA (European Economic Area) funds, as well as from the state budget, local government budgets, and funds from PFRON (State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons).

The program was adopted by Resolution No. 102/2018 of the Council of Ministers on July 17, 2018.



Who can benefit from the program?


Owners of multi-family buildings and legal entities, such as housing cooperatives, housing associations, or social housing associations, can benefit from the Accessibility Plus Program. The program is also aimed at managers of public utility buildings in the public sector, such as offices, medical clinics, higher education institutions, and cultural institutions.

The Accessibility Plus Program is not aimed at private individuals. If you need support in removing architectural barriers in your apartment or single-family home, you can use other funding sources available in local government units or institutions supporting people with disabilities, such as PFRON.


How to obtain funding from the Accessibility Plus Program?


Applications for funding under the Accessibility Plus Program are submitted to Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK). A key element of the application, necessary for the allocation of funds, is the Accessibility Audit. This document provides a detailed assessment of the building’s condition, identifying barriers that hinder access for people with special needs, such as stairs, narrow doors, or inadequate elevators. The Accessibility Audit forms the basis for developing an action plan to eliminate these obstacles and improve the accessibility of the facility.

If you want the building you manage or own to be friendly to people with limited mobility and enable them to fully participate in social life, the Accessibility Plus Program is right for you. Architectural barriers are not only an issue for people with disabilities but also for seniors, pregnant women, and parents with young children. To make your facility accessible to everyone, it is worth ensuring appropriate architectural amenities.


Loan from the Accessibility Fund


In cooperation with financing institutions, BGK offers preferential loans for the elimination of architectural barriers. Funds from the Accessibility Fund can be used to eliminate external barriers, such as the construction or modernization of access to the building, building entrances (including the installation of ramps and vertical platforms), access to areas around the building (e.g., parking spaces, gardens, or waste shelters), and the installation of intercoms at appropriate heights.

The loan can be used to eliminate internal barriers within buildings, including the construction of an elevator shaft and the purchase and installation of a passenger lift, replacement or modernization of existing, unsuitable elevators, modernization of communication routes, works related to removing height differences in the flooring, and adapting common areas to the needs of people with special needs, as well as appropriate signage inside the building.


Co to jest program dostępność plus


It is important to remember that loans for ensuring the accessibility of buildings cannot be used to finance the construction or modernization of a new building.

Thanks to funding from the Fund, buildings become better adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, parents with children, and elderly people. Individuals with permanent or temporary mobility or perception limitations gain easier access to goods and services, allowing them to participate equally in social and public life. These loans can be partially forgiven and combined with grants from PFRON or other public support.


The Accessibility Plus Program, presented on April 23, 2018, is a key government initiative aimed at increasing the accessibility of public spaces, products, and services for all citizens, especially people with disabilities, seniors, and families with children. It encompasses a wide range of investments, including new technologies and architectural improvements. This initiative contributes to more equitable access to social and public life for all social groups, supporting the integration of people with mobility and perception limitations.

At the upcoming LiftExpo Poland, more detailed information about the opportunities offered by the Accessibility Plus Program will be available. This event will be an excellent opportunity to consult with experts who will provide detailed procedures for obtaining funds for building modernization. Specialists at the information booths will help understand how to effectively apply for funds, what requirements need to be met, and what benefits can be achieved by joining the program.

Participation in LiftExpo Poland is a step towards a more inclusive and accessible public space.


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