By attending LiftExpo Poland, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the latest trends and solutions in the elevator industry. LiftExpo Poland includes:

✓ Elevator Production and Design: Presentation of modern technologies and design solutions related to passenger, freight, and specialized elevators.

✓ Safety and Certification: Discussion of safety standards, certification procedures, and innovative solutions to increase elevator safety.

✓ Control Technologies and Automation: Presentation of the latest control systems, automation, and integration of elevators with other transport and building management systems.

✓ Maintenance and Repair Services: Presentation of service, maintenance, and repair services ensuring the smooth operation of elevators and minimizing downtime.

✓ Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development: Promotion of technologies and solutions aimed at improving the energy efficiency of elevators and their impact on the environment.

✓ Training and Education: Providing training opportunities and education for personnel involved in the operation, maintenance, and safe use of elevators.

✓ Innovations and Trends: Introduction to the latest innovations, trends, and future directions in the elevator industry, such as mast-less elevators or intelligent traffic management systems.

✓ Foreign Markets and International Cooperation: Establishing business contacts, exchanging experiences, and promoting products and services in international markets.