Become part of the Lift Expo Poland Trade Fair

Become part of the Lift Expo Poland Trade Fair

Your gateway to elevator & escalator market in Poland & central-eastern Europe

During our trade fair, you will have unique opportunity to explore a wide range of products and solutions presented by manufacturers of passenger and freight elevators, component suppliers, and the latest technologies. Lift Expo Poland aims to showcase current trends and innovations in the lift industry, offering the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the dynamically evolving vertical transportation sector. The theme of Lift Expo Poland is: Accessibility, Safety, Energy Efficiency.

Why Lift Expo Poland:


Warsaw, as the host of the Lift Expo Poland trade fair, represents 30% of the elevator market in Poland, characterized by the most dynamic growth in investments and high-rise buildings. The city is currently ranked 4th in the European Union in terms of the number of high-rise buildings, boasting such achievements as Varso Tower, Warsaw Spire, Trade Tower, Unit, Skyliner, and Q22.

Elevator industry in Poland in 2024:

installed elevators
requiring replacement and modernization
new installations annually
of the Polish market in Warsaw

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